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The Doctor Beat Support Group was formed to tell the story of a revolution in 3rd world paediatric health care and has produced the provocative documentary “Dr Beat and The Passive Genocide of Children”.

Pacific Webb’s brief was to build a site that would:

  • build creditability for the foundation. The website would act as a referral source of information after a viewer had watched the Dr Beat DVD or visited the hospitals in Cambodia
  • boost interest in the DVD
  • increase Dr Beats online presence in Google and other online tools (Search Engine Optimisation)


  • Professional site: our designers worked with the branding of Dr Beat DVD to build a website that outlined the cause, goals and objectives of the Dr Beat Support Group. The information is presented in both a visual via (being able to view the DVD trailer online), and text based manner.
  • Increased interest: a 5 minute DVD trailer is presented on the homepage with a simple marketing tool that allowed visitors to easily email their friends about the website.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Dr Beat achieved a very high rankings in Google.

These results were achieved by taking a outside the square approach to Search Engine. Dr Beat was submitted to YouTube and also entries made in Wikipedia.

Pacific Webb provides continual service to the Dr Beat support group by providing monthly statistics on visitors to the site and effectiveness of marketing tools to increase interest for Dr Beat.

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