Website Design

A website requires a balance between text and imagery to get the right feeling. The design of your website will be determined by your industry sector and whether you offer a product or service. The key ingredients for website design are to communicate the following messages:

  • The professional nature of your business
  • Creditability and reputation you have earned
  • The businesses reliability

By having experience across a range of industries from professional services, distributors and charities, we understand the attributes for a well designed website. The result is a client base of satisfied customers.
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Our sites are built to be compliant with the main internet browsers and use the most up to date web protocols.

All our websites are unique and we do not use website templates that can mean you end up with a site very similar to your competition

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the process of getting your website the highest ranking possible in the major search engines. In Australia 80% of web users, use Google as the tool for searching the web. There are two ways to get a ranking in Google:

  • Organic results.
  • Paid results (e.g Google ads).

Organic search results are based on an algorithm developed by each search engine. Google uses a number of factors that determine the importance, and hence rank of your site. It is important that your site is built SEO friendly and also submitted to the search engines in the most efficient manner.

For an example of one of our satisfied clients, see Dr Beat case study, achieved excellent SEO results by using only organic optimisation techniques.

Paid results, for example Google Ads are a great way of getting instant results for appearing high in the search engine rankings. Instead of having to wait for Google to find your site, index it and determine its importance, you can pay a small fee each time a visitor clicks on your website in the search engine results. This solution allows you to compete against more established and larger sites for a small fee.

Click on the below diagram for an example of how organic and paid results work:

Content Management Systems

If your business has information that is updated on a regular and your website visitors would find valuable, then a CMS site would be of benefit to you. A CMS website allows you to easily and quickly add or change content, add new pages or update product details through a very easy to use tool (even for the most computer illiterate users).

Some of customers use a CMS for:

  • adding new products or services to their range
  • informing visitors of the times for the next class or session
  • publishing public relations or media articles about their business
  • updating event details such as location, speakers or information packs

The below demonstration shows how easy it is to update and publish new information onto your website

pacific webb